VR Conference

Multiple locations - one shared room.

A VR conference enables joining a meeting from anywhere in the world. Physical distance becomes an issue of the past, thanks to instant VR conferences. Simply dial in, put on the VR headset and you’re set. All the relevant tools that you would require for a meeting can also be found in WeAre, including virtual whiteboards to scribble and take notes, as well as being able to import Office and PDF files.

VR Prototyping

Work together on 3D prototypes and CAD files.

Present your 3D objects and prototypes in real-time in your VR conference. The laws of physics don’t apply in VR, enabling you to freely move and place objects, scale them, view them and edit them from all angles within the virtual meeting room. Quickly discuss new ideas and the next development steps, allowing you to significantly reduce lead times along the entire product development cycle.

VR Training

Train your employees remotely over long distances.

Creating a detailed understanding of the product portfolio among employees is one of the key quality assurance factors within your company. Through a remote VR training session WeAre enables more than just presenting 3D objects. With WeAre you are able to visualise 3D explosion-mode drawings in real-time, creating an interactable and memorable virtual manual for your employees. By creating a larger engagement with your products, your employees are able to provide a higher level of support quality when interacting with your customers.

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